Graal map (Directions)

Graal Classic (With Places)

Graal map (Naked)

Graal Classic (Without Places)

Graal Classic is a mobile game for iOS (Apple) or Android (Google Play Store.) There are two apps, the Lite Version (Free) and the Full Version ($1.99.) Both of them have the same unlimited gameplay, the only difference is that the Full Version already includes the Customization Pack and the House Pack, no more. These packs can be bought invidually in Classic's Shop.

The main objective of this game is up to you: Socialize with other players, be the king of a tower and conquer the world, make a huge amount of gralats to be the popular rich player, or even be a serious PKer who spreads fear among the players.

Graal Classic is a huge world with a variety of activies to have fun or even make money. You can play Soccer, Capture The Flag (It's closed now, but the building to play still exists), Capture Towers, PKing, Hide n Seek, and even more.

This is just a small portion of Graal since there are a variety of different worlds as Era, Zone, Ol West and.